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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 Hour Tomato, Basil, Garlic Wild Game Sauce.

Start off by adding virgin olive oil to the pot with just enough to cover the bottom with about ¼".

Take the garlic & cut off the stem part where it connected to the plant. Chop off that part which is brown in color & tough in texture like a stem. Removing this will ensure that the sauce you are creating is not bitter. If the garlic has any green plants starting to sprout from them, it means the garlic is on its way out, use fresh garlic.

Slice garlic up very thin into pieces & add to pot.

Take fresh basil leaves & wash them thoroughly in cold water to remove any toxicities, chemicals, bug spray, feces or parts of anatomy.

Pluck only the greenest of the leaves from the bunch & try to avoid using semi decayed, dark or dead leaves.
Selecting fresh leaves will ensure that the sauce is made to perfection.

Add garlic to the pot first & start a verrrrrry low flame. Remember, this is going to be the longest, tastiest, least acidic, garlicy, tomato, sauce you have ever conceived.

Make sure the flame is on as low as you can possibly put it without extinguishing it.

Then spread the garlic & basil leaves across the bottom of the pot so it creates a natural barrier between the bottom heat & oxygen above the seal you just created which causes the garlic to liquify in the pan. Make sure you Tend to & keep an eye on the garlic to watch that it doesn't burn.

While the garlic & basil is cooking to perfection & permeating the olive oil, take your sausage (in this case I'm using deer/pork sausage mixed. 60%V/40%P Mmmmmmm) & poke holes in it with a fork & add them to a pot of water that is also on the lowest flame possible. The reason you just poked holes in the sausage is to allow fats, acids & artery hardening greases to release while it is slow cooking. This is not only healthier for you, but it takes away that greasy after taste in your mouth that feels like there's little white socks on each of your teeth after you bite into it. lol >=]

Wait approximately 20 minutes while it boils & take your game, whether it be deer sausage, venison, pheasant, quail or whatever your delight & add it to the slow boiling water & keep your eyes on that as well.

Since you have it on a low flame, you can come back every 5 minutes & check on your work while you perform other duties in your home.

As the garlic & basil starts to brown & smells like it's starting to work into the oil, take the crushed tomatoes & add them to the pot.

Then take your small pot of sausage ( whatever you're cooking ), drain the fatty, greasy water & add that to the pot as well.

Stir the contents of the pot to mix it all together. Return every 5 minutes to stir the sauce in a circular motion so that the heat doesn't concentrate & burn the sauce at the bottom of the pot. After 5 hours of checking on & stirring the sauce, you'll see that 99.9% of the acid has burned out of the tomatoes & the sauce.

Voila! You have the best, least acidic, most tasty tomato, basil garlic sauce in the world.

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