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Friday, July 3, 2009

New World Record Largemouth Bass

Japanese angler Manabu Kurita has possibly broken the 77 year long record of George Perry's 22lb 04oz largemouth. News first broke to Optimum Baits CEO Matt Paino yesterday at 2:00am. He was called by what looks like the previous Japanese record holder Kazuya Shimada.

Kazuya Shimada set the Japanese record of 19-15lbs caught in April 2003 from Lake Ikehara. It fell prey to an Optimum swimbait.

Manabu Kurita is on the Pro-Staff for Deps which is one of the companies Paino represents in the USA. Paino also represents Ima, Zappu and Vagabond.

Manabu Kurita caught the giant 20lb+ monster using live bait around 12:00pm. The bass is 28.94" and weighs 22lbs 5ozs. The bass was caught at Lake Biwa.

Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan, covering roughly 259 square miles. Lake Biwa is more than 300 feet deep and known for its crystal clear waters.

According to IGFA regulations for record fish weighing less than 25 pounds (such as all of the black bass subspecies), the replacement (record applicant) must weigh at least two ounces more than the existing record. The Japanese fish that is subject of such interest and inquiry today outweighs Perry's fish by less than an ounce.

This means it will be considered a tie in the record books if and when it is certified by the IGFA.

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Standing World Record 14 lb Carp caught by http://penfishingrods.com ™ Pro Staffer Neil Jary - April 22nd ²ºº9 in Dereham, England.

Neil has been catching HUGE carp on the Pen Rod Extreme for a while now. His conquests consist of dozens of fish that exceed the 10 lb range. He has made several videos with the Pen Rod showing his ultra light angling skills & giving tips on how to land that BIG fish once you get him to take your fabricated fish lure or bait.
Finally after a few dozen monsters he captured this beauty. I am proud to call Neil my most experienced http://penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer & UL fisherman.

Here is the picture of him with his trophy & the video so the world can see.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

5 Hour Tomato, Basil, Garlic Wild Game Sauce.

Start off by adding virgin olive oil to the pot with just enough to cover the bottom with about ¼".

Take the garlic & cut off the stem part where it connected to the plant. Chop off that part which is brown in color & tough in texture like a stem. Removing this will ensure that the sauce you are creating is not bitter. If the garlic has any green plants starting to sprout from them, it means the garlic is on its way out, use fresh garlic.

Slice garlic up very thin into pieces & add to pot.

Take fresh basil leaves & wash them thoroughly in cold water to remove any toxicities, chemicals, bug spray, feces or parts of anatomy.

Pluck only the greenest of the leaves from the bunch & try to avoid using semi decayed, dark or dead leaves.
Selecting fresh leaves will ensure that the sauce is made to perfection.

Add garlic to the pot first & start a verrrrrry low flame. Remember, this is going to be the longest, tastiest, least acidic, garlicy, tomato, sauce you have ever conceived.

Make sure the flame is on as low as you can possibly put it without extinguishing it.

Then spread the garlic & basil leaves across the bottom of the pot so it creates a natural barrier between the bottom heat & oxygen above the seal you just created which causes the garlic to liquify in the pan. Make sure you Tend to & keep an eye on the garlic to watch that it doesn't burn.

While the garlic & basil is cooking to perfection & permeating the olive oil, take your sausage (in this case I'm using deer/pork sausage mixed. 60%V/40%P Mmmmmmm) & poke holes in it with a fork & add them to a pot of water that is also on the lowest flame possible. The reason you just poked holes in the sausage is to allow fats, acids & artery hardening greases to release while it is slow cooking. This is not only healthier for you, but it takes away that greasy after taste in your mouth that feels like there's little white socks on each of your teeth after you bite into it. lol >=]

Wait approximately 20 minutes while it boils & take your game, whether it be deer sausage, venison, pheasant, quail or whatever your delight & add it to the slow boiling water & keep your eyes on that as well.

Since you have it on a low flame, you can come back every 5 minutes & check on your work while you perform other duties in your home.

As the garlic & basil starts to brown & smells like it's starting to work into the oil, take the crushed tomatoes & add them to the pot.

Then take your small pot of sausage ( whatever you're cooking ), drain the fatty, greasy water & add that to the pot as well.

Stir the contents of the pot to mix it all together. Return every 5 minutes to stir the sauce in a circular motion so that the heat doesn't concentrate & burn the sauce at the bottom of the pot. After 5 hours of checking on & stirring the sauce, you'll see that 99.9% of the acid has burned out of the tomatoes & the sauce.

Voila! You have the best, least acidic, most tasty tomato, basil garlic sauce in the world.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pen Fishing Rod Extreme Adventures

What It means to be a Pen Rodder!

You know when I first found the Pen Rod Extreme..and my dear friend (and apparently long lost American brother) Mike, started to regularly abuse me by email I had an idea of what fishing was all about.
you see, my Father taught my brother and I (my real brother) how to fish as kids. We spent days tiddler snatching, crucian carp fishing (using custard powder paste of all things!!!), pike fishing, holidays on the Norfolk Broads, sea fishing etc etc

And I swear to the gods..my father could catch a fish on a piece of string and a length of bamboo! he didn't need method feeders, he didn't need hook lengths, baitfloats, boilies, rubber sweet corn, camouflage hooks, braid, controller floats, bite alarms, radio controlled boats or a *BEEEPING* tent on the side of the bank!
and he can still catch awesome fish today!

I sat and watched him on the bank of our favourite carp lake last year...he is in his late 60's now....and he had his PRE (pen rod extreme) and his shiny new centrepin...he had forgotten a chair, so he sat/knelt on the bank..and he played at fishing!

I sat there calmly feeding my swim, and teasing the fish out the their holes....
he sat there like Huckleberry Fin! giggling to himself and playing about with his new rod and reel!

I really cant explain it, he started with a float and fished just off bottom....and caught a couple; then he fiddled a bit and next thing I knew he had a small ledger set up and was casting across to the island in front....when I say a small ledger that's what I mean! he didn't have a bite indicator, a bite alarm, he wasn't float ledgering either! he just cast out and tightened the line enough to "feel" a bite through his fingers...and there he sat! over the next 2 hours he proceeded to catch several carp, he missed a few bites and ended up rolling around on the bank like some 10 year old after each exaggerated strike, giggling to himself!

I caught nothing!

If I grow to have half the skill and joy and passion my Father has then I will be happy....but its more than that! look at how he fished! I occasionally waste money on the shiny toilet paper that are the fishing magazines....and marvel at the new technology that they lure us in with. who is it for? the fish? or is it simply to catch us?

Fishing with a PRE isn't about modern technology! its not about the biggest reels, the coolest new fishing gadget or the latest way to deliver your oil soaked halibut flavoured day glo yellow sweet corn into your swim!

Its about becoming Huckleberry Fin!

Take your PRE and try the latest and greatest methods if you wish...I have personally tried it on a bite alarm, with a method feeder, with braid etc etc and it works perfectly..its actually fine enough to use as quiver tips if you so wish! but the greatest joy you will find with one is going back to the very basics you first learnt at your fathers knee! 99% of my carp have been caught with a waggler, on 6 lb mono line, fished just off bottom and using BREAD! no hook length, no flavouring,no tent, no alarm....me and my PRE and some bread!

look at it like this...no knot is stronger than a straight piece of line...so add a knot into your rig and you create a week spot!
fish may be lower on the brain scale than we are, but they aint stupid! if they can feel a hook and spit it out they can surely see a method feeder!!

in my eyes the simpler you can be..the more fun you will have with your PRE! forget what you know about fishing....the Pen ROD Extreme is the ZEN master of fishing! empty your cup and so that it might be filled anew!

Tight lines!!

By Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer Neil Jary of England. Visit Neil's youtube.com channel & watch him in action fighting BIG carp with the PRE.

Legend: PRE = Pen Rod Extreme

This is a touching story by Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer & personal friend Neil Jary from England. He shares and expresses the joy that his Dad, who is now in his mid 60's, experienced while using our products. It's a story about how Neil's Dad came alive again & how they now share quality time together and how the PRE has become a conduit to reinforce what it means for them to be "Family".

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where We Are Today!

First off let me start by wishing you all a Happy, Healthy & SAFE New Year!
Second, my goals are huge this year!

We started an ultra light Pen Fishing Rod business called http://penfishingrods.com online a while ago. I created my first video when I had the rods & reels manufactured. This was my first venture in the fishing business so I was just learning about being in front of the camera, fishing on film & all the nervous things that go with it.

We turned a whole 12 hrs of film into this short 4:39 second video, created a youtube.com channel http://youtube.com/FishingNYC & uploaded it. Not 5 days later I was getting requests from interested anglers & companies from all over the globe. I started a distribution business & pretty soon business picked up. So I decided to put as much time as I could into promoting, learning about & trying to better my business.

Here is our first video!

The rods we have are only 7¾" closed or 4' 9" which is 57" in length. Our new 2009 - '10 Pen Rod Extreme blanks will be 63" or 5' 3". We're trying to attract ice fishing, bass, crappie, pan fish, trout & even moderate carp fishermen on an international level. Our largest carp caught to date was an 8 lb beauty caught on our MX 15 A Rear Drag Reel by Penfishingreels.com Pro Staffer Neil Jary of England & is all caught on video & pictured below for you to view.

I then created one of my greatest works to date with my ultra light rods & reels. It's a 3 part bass fishing thrilogy. These videos are a compilation of line stretching, bass jumping, rod bending excitement! Here they are:

BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 1

BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 2

BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 3

I recently created several partners on youtube.com that I collaborate with. I started to implement a program that would allow customers to be sponsored through several means if they created a youtube.com channel & uploaded videos of themselves using our products! Pretty soon the videos started to pile up, first there was 5, then 10, then 15, then 20 & finally in our first year of business we ended 2008 with a whopping 28 videos on youtube.com, several contracts with online outdoor/fishing companies & friends from all over the globe!

It has been an exciting year so far, we have pictures from several parts of the world, different continents, countries & others as well. I am learning to navigate online forums, blog & interact with likeminded individuals.

Here's our online flickr.com photo album of all fish submitted to date using our products. Enjoy them!

Happy Customers =)

Let's face it, nobody is going to come banging on mine or any of my customers' doors & hand either of us a check for $1,000,000 US or placing the keys to a brand new bass boat attached to a pickup truck & saying "Hey, we want you to represent our product". What I'm offering our customers is a chance to live out their dreams of being the center of attention just like the pros are. I'm offering them a chance to be a part of the new ultra light movement, to create their own fan base via our products, to share their talents, to have a chance to interact with other anglers through out the globe by various means similar but not limited to comments, video responses, emails, networking & quite possibly the chance at making international friends who share the same interests.

We have several anglers which I affectionately call "Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffers". These anglers who are sponsored by me personally have earned their right to be called such because of their skills, determination & perseverance in situations where lots of anglers would be stumped. Anyone can pull a fish out of the water with 15 - 20 lb test & a stiff heavy action 7' - 8' fishing rod. However, It takes skill, determination and experience to finesse, outsmart & outlast a nice fish with 4 - 5 or 6 lb test on ultra light Pen Rods! It's a skill that not all anglers possess!

Those benefits bestowed upon my Pro Staffers will continue all through their lives due to their dedication and loyalty shown very early to our cause. Our videos range from Kayak Fishing to large carp & trout to different species only found in NW Australia. This is my Pro Staffer Luke w/ his first video. It's one of my favorite videos because it was so simple & all he had was a camera phone to capture a moment in time while fishing with his family. It's a little blurry, but I still love it!

Affectionately titled "Don't Worry Be Happy"

We have a few Canadian anglers currently working on creating our first line of ice fishing videos.

Micheal Graham is an experienced & respected ice fisherman in Alberta who has shown us his skills with ultra light combos & enough nice fish that he pulled through a hole in the ice to make him head of our Ice Fishing Pro Staff. There are many great things to come in the near future, but just like the old cliche "Rome was not built in a day".

There are several back mountain trails, parks, streams, creeks & rivers that are much easier accessed using our products instead of carrying a 6 - 7' rod & reel. We have conveniently placed the weights on our front page for backpackers, hikers & ultra light connoisseurs which are as follows.

Pen Rod Extreme 65.8 grams
MX 15A 145.2 grams
MX 15G 131.5 grams
Front Drag 137.6 grams
Large Bait caster 85.4 grams
Small Bait caster 63.0 grams
Mini Fly reel 57.2 grams
Extreme Bait caster 98.5 grams

Essentially what I'm trying to do is bring the world of ultra light fishing into the forefront of the fishing community so that younger anglers will gain interest, learn & start early in their quest to become future, experienced responsible anglers. Our customers have a once in a lifetime chance to live out their dreams of being a "pro fisherman" & becoming a smaller version and different magnitude of Al Linder or Kevin VanDam or any other well known anglers.

To further promote the sport we offer all our customers a $100.00 bonus for catching a fish larger than 8 lbs (our current record) on film using our Pen Rod Extreme series rods & reels. Furthermore as an added bonus of becoming part of the penfishingrods.com family there is a $5,000.00 reward for a world record of any species of game fish caught on our rods & reels as well, providing they follow the necessary steps to secure such a title and the IGFA validates & verifies their claim. However, we may never see that in our lifetime but it's nice to have goals, hopes & dreams to chase even if it's doing something you love like a leisurely sport such as fishing in their spare time.

We offer all of our video makers the chance to do something they love to do & encourage them to catch it all on film so other anglers can follow their legacies & see what it's like to hook, play & catch larger fish on ultra light rods & reels. Ultra light fishing is not a skill that all anglers possess. You quickly learn if you have the patience, skill & determination to be an ultra light fishermen early on in the endeavor or you learn you do not.

I am also hoping to launch the world's first mobile freshwater fishing network http://FreshWaterFishing.mobi , http://BrownTrout.mobi http://RainBowTrout.mobi , http://SteelHeadFishing.mobi for mobile devices, PDAs, wireless devices! My dreams are as a high as a mountain & need an army of shoulders to carry them.

I want to spread the word to the world about the Ultra Light Fishing New World Order! I want to share my videos & knowledge with beginner anglers as well as experienced, avid anglers alike. My largest fish on ultra light tackle was a 28 lb King Salmon in Oswego, NY on 6 lb line. My other ultra light achievements include but are not limited to an 18 lb Steelhead trout aka. Rainbow & several nice sized bass & 1 HUGE 7.9 Brown Trout! My goals for 2009 are as high as a mountain! So your question was what is my goal for 2009? I don't think blogger.com has enough memory for me to share my determination or stories! >=]

Ultra light Pen Fishing Rods offer the chance for anglers to display their skills of finesse fishing using scaled down versions of their favorite rods & reels. This skills teaches perseverance, patience & the appreciation for our fine finned friends. We promote catch & release of all species of fish & at all times of the year to assure a strong future & plentiful stock of quality fish in the future. We're excited that blogger.com has a forum that will allow us to keep you updated on our progress. We look forward to being a part of this online community. Our company offers a limited manufacturer's warranty on all of our products. I answer all inquiries about our products & interact with each customer personally. We're open 24 hrs a day - 365 days a year. We will ship our products anywhere in the world!

Follow my blogs for new exciting interactive stories that contain pictures and short youtube.com video clips of my adventures!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Jumping out of a plane was the single most wild thing I had done in my life to date! I was afraid of heights & had just landed a great job in the city that required me working above people all day, handling steel, tools etc.. That's scary enough! Now, you had to walk on 2"- 6" beams while doing this & still have 1 or 2 hands to hold on. =( I was a little leary about heights having had a serious fall once before. Just one week before I received notification of the pending interview, I had seen a special on skydiving. I thought to myself.. geeesh, out of all the jobs I applied to, it would have to be the one I laughed about when I pictured myself doing it.

I realized I had to do something fast, I had to report for work in TWO weeks! Talk about vibrating nervous... My testosterone got the best of me and I arranged to take a short class on jumping. After a brief chat w/ a few select friends, we went ahead and took the ride upstate to go for it. I can't explain the feelings that I went through on that ride. It was a llllllllong one. As we took the class, when we weren't laying down face to the floor w/ our backs arched, we occasionally got to see other jumpers landing in various parts of the field.
The bright fluorescent colors of the chutes when fully opened were awesome, looked very enticing but my nerves were saying "NO, DON'T DO IT!"

I was still apprehensive but there was no turning back, nor a white flag above my head! I was determined to get over my fear of heights if it killed me. =)~ We took our 45 minute class, boarded the plane & just a few short minutes later we started to head down the runway & climb slowly in a circular upward spiral.. As I knelt there & observed the structural integrity of the small plane I noticed the friggin' plane was so cheaply constructed, shaky, vibrating, turbulent,. I can go on & on.. It was a small cessna double engine w/ two wings that looked like they belonged on a pigeon. I didn't think we would survive the climb to the desired altitude w/ this friggin' plane!!! =(

OH MY GOD :: this feeling came over me: I started to tremble, I felt my pulse quicken, my heart started to pound harder & harder as if it was going to break out of my rib cage.. I could both hear & feel the beat pulsating in my head as well as pumping blood through my body! My heart beat quickened, I thought to myself...


Not two seconds later the the plane leveled off. We all looked at each other w/ eyes opened wide.. all within a seemingly 6' sq. space on our knees.. As I scanned the facial expressions of the plane's occupants I realized that I was holding on to the guy's shirt in front of me & held onto his shoulder w/ such a white knuckled grip that he turned to me till we were eye to eye & motioned w/ his head towards my death grip I had on him, to let go. ( there was kneeling room only due to the minuscule size of the rattle trap we were about to jump out of ) so I did, and as I watched the color slowly return to my knuckles I saw his shirt from neck to shoulder start to slowly contract back to its somewhat shapely collared form.

" Oh,. sorry" I said w/ the biggest koolaid smile you ever saw! =)

After we both gained our composure from that episode the green light over the door goes on, a loud buzzer sounds BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. We were at the proper altitude & preparing to jump. The guide slides the door open & all of a sudden the winds come in & take over the entire body of the plane & it blew so hard I couldn't hear myself think. My friend's guide asked if he was ready & my buddy reluctantly gave him the thumbs up while grinning at me. They slowly shimmied over on their knees to the opening while glancing back at us as. I watched them slowly lean out & leave the plane. The endorphins that were being produced by my body at that time could've killed a HORSE! To my right the next set of guys were slowly shimmying on their knees to this bottomless, blowing, loud, vacuum hole that was seemingly sucking my friends out one by one. The next jumpers gave each other and us the thumbs up, leaned out & were sucked down under the right wing of the airplane. They were gone.

My guide turned to me & gave me the thumbs up.. MY eyes opened wiiiiide, I mustered the strength to raise my shaking thumb to an upwards position & that was it I thought.. It was my turn.. I had to make a decision. I thought about backing out, I thought about my family, I thought about all the names I would be called if I didn't proceed. I also thought was this it? Was this the last time I would ever be on solid ground again? Before I could process a cohesive thought my guide slowly nudged me towards the opening of the plane by thrusting his legs forward into the back of my thigh. ( we were stuck together tandem style, him behind me ) & kept doing it till I moved forward. I slowly took my first knee step, then the second , then the third.

The wind was now nearing hurricane status! I was vibrating!! He put both of his hands on the side of the door, tapped me on the stomach w/ his right hand once (which meant get ready),. Then started to pull both of us out of the vortex which previously sucked 3 of my friends out, I resisted!!! He pulled on the sides of the door again, this time harder, jerking my body forward half way out into the eye of the hurricane & I though to myself, this guy is trying to KILL ME! I thought 'here we go,.. The next time he touches me on my stomach we're leaving the airplane'... Was it too late to back out? Yes, I released my grip from his forearm & gave him the thumbs up. He gave me that dreaded tap on the abdomen & threw our bodies forward into the abyss.

As I looked out across the horizon at the clouds, the clear blue sky & the beautifully arranged parcels of land I thought to myself, whomever created this was truly magnificent and had a great eye for art. I noticed each of the parcels of land were placed neatly side by side oneanother in various shades of green & yellow. I thought well, If I don't live after this jump at least I faced my fear like a man. Grrrrrrrr!

We were falling faster & faster, the wind was blowing between, passed & all around us. I was having a hard time breathing from the implosion of my lungs and nostrils due to being filled by wind simultaneously. I started to panic & flail my arms nervously. Then the training that I had taken an hour before came to mind. Keeping my head up looking out at the horizon & body arched in an ungodly position, the air was supposed to pass over my chin and face creating a wind tunnel so that I was able to breathe. It worked. I started to calm down because I was now getting oxygen to my lungs.

I was starting to enjoy the fall & all the surroundings. The clouds were a pretty shade of white & cotton shaped. The sun was blaring down upon the earth & my face while I could feel my cheeks rippling from the shear gusts of wind & gravitational pull of terminal velocity.

We were slowly approaching the ground. I knew it was going to be any minute that I would feel his tap to get ready for the deployment of the chute. I was free from all the laws that bind us to this earth. I felt I was now finally at peace in God's hands. If he wanted me at that time, he could have me.

I also realized that when a human being is feeling scared & afraid of the unknown, and we feel like nothing can go right or that we have no control over ourselves, our future & feeling we're at out worse, our senses & reaction time is heightened & we're actually at our best! The landing went as planned. It was the single most exciting day of my whole life. The rush of adrenaline, endorphins and serotonin was phenomenal!

I would do it again in a heart beat. I also live a much fuller life because of that experience & I do have to say one thing. If we don't do fun, spontaneous things in life, It will soon pass us by. Time waits for no man.
You have to use what Mother Nature gave you, before Father Time takes it away! Do something exciting, something a little edgy & out of your realm at least once in your life! It will make you a better person. =)

I was truly inspired that day.

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My Once in a Lifetime Encounter with a Piebald Deer.

It was a beautiful winter day on December 1st in New York State!

It was opening day. I proceeded out of my door at 7:00am to my favorite hunting spot. It's a beautiful unexplored parcel of land attached to a very affluent farm in one of our NY counties. From what I understood, there hasn't been hunters allowed on the farm since the early 1900's. The previous owners of the farm had a very strict policy that continued through the generations into the new millennium. The words "NO HUNTING" are prominently displayed at the front entrance to the farm!

If you're a hunter, you know what it's like to find a good parcel of land. I love to hunt on private land, It seems to be a little bit quieter, safer and one of the roads less traveled. I'm sure it's apparent how much I love our forests, nature, water ways and wetlands. I was ecstatic!! I have been hunting all morning since first light. I saw several deer, but no shooters. I followed my usual routine. Upon exiting the woods to go to breakfast, I noticed a group of deer in the field next to the wood fence that separated the horses and the road. At first I was stunned by what I saw. One of the animals with the small group was a goat. I thought to myself, that's odd, I never saw goats & deer herding together before. Upon a closer look, I saw that it was not a goat. It was in fact a piebald deer.

I started to shake like I had buck fever on my first day hunting again as an adolescent. I placed my weapon on the floor & hurried backwards to my vehicle to retrieve my camera. I had to get pictures of this, I thought to myself. If I tell anyone, they wouldn't believe me. I finally got my truck opened, fumbled through my bag, grabbed my camera & headed back to where I saw the deer previously. They were no longer there. I let out a loud sigh. It figures, I said aloud.

I picked up my weapon & proceeded to walk towards the area where they were standing. All of a sudden, I see movement in the tree line. First the mother stepped out & checked me out, then the other offspring. Finally the white deer stepped out. It was a white button buck with a black head. The feeling that came over me was magical. He raised his nose into the air to get a whiff of my scent like a classic buck in training. I turned on my Kodak digital camera, raised it and took these pictures for the hunting, wildlife & outdoor enthusiasts of the world to see. From what I understand from the locals, nobody else has seen it. I was even called a liar unless I divulged its whereabouts.

I almost fell for it. I truly had no desire whatsoever to shoot this animal, and I damn sure wasn't going to lead another hunter to his safe haven. I just smiled & walked away exclaiming "just kidding". A chill arose up and down my spine and made me shake during the experience. I thought to myself, I'm sure there are other hunters out there who will not feel the same when coming face to face with one of these rare species. Therefore, I will protect its exact location with my life. If this one has the gene, I'm sure more will follow when it starts to procreate. As they scurried off into the thicket, I could only fantasize about meeting him again some day when he grows to be a majestic 8 - 10 or 12 point buck.

I am confident that I will feel the same way I felt when I had first glanced upon his magical technicolor dreamcoat. I felt truly blessed to see this animal. I have named him appropriately. He is called Oreo. How do I know he won't roam off onto someone else's property & meet a horrible death? I just have that feeling. He felt safe on the land. He trusted me. His mother knows the terrain. She has eluded me for years, she will not lead him astray. There are also a few other things that give me the confidence in knowing he will survive till adulthood. One is, I am the Steward of this land! Two, we will always be friends and never enemies, and number three. It's the sign above the opening on the entrance of the farm somewhere in New York State. It explicitly says, " NO HUNTING! " ,... We will meet again Oreo.

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Bass Fishing New York State.

I woke up one beautiful summer morning with the strong urge to go fishing. Imagine that? I turned on the weather channel & sat back to watch the day's forecast. The wind was at 1 mph. and the temperature was slowly rising. I was very excited once I saw optimal bass fishing conditions & called my friend Vinny. He answered with a groggy voice & as I explained the weather he slowly came to life & a sound crackled from his mouth. "aahwegoin'?" To which I replied "WHAT??" He then cleared his throat with a rumble & said "are we going?" Yep, be ready in 15 I said. On the way there we did our usual teasing & putting down each other's angling tactics (which is the norm) & we then decided to settle this battle with a lunch bet.

We both agreed. As we launched the boat we made up some really tasty sounding sandwiches that we would make the other pay for as part of the agreement for losing. We chatted about lobster heroes all the way to caviar soup. Mmm Mmm Good! We finally reached a shoreline that produced some really
nice fish in the past. We were using plastic worms with an eighth of an ounce bullet head & a sluggo hook since it holds the worm on a lot longer & prevents it from sliding down the hook when smaller fish tug at the worm's tail. I casted in the worm a few times to loosen the line on the spool & untwist any potential kinks that may have formed on the line from the previous trip. While focusing on the spool with the bail open I noticed my line pull slightly from my fingers in a short jerk. I figured it was a little sunny or crappie & just left it as I uncoiled more line to a desired casting length which would reach the shore line under the over hanging trees with the skipping of my worm. I closed the bail manually & checked the weight to see if a fish had taken my offering. As I raised it, I saw another fast barrage of nibbles & set the hook. ZZZING!! Nothing. I pulled the hook so hard I jerked our little 12' Jon boat & almost capsized it. Vinny yelled "Hey, trying
to flip us??" We laughed it off.

We were slowly blowing along the shoreline with the slightest of winds adjacent to a submerged tree. I joked about a HUGE bass being in the tree ready for my worm & casted. The worm hit about 3' from the front of what looked like the top of the tree & slowly descended. From previous experience I estimated the drop to be about 9 or 10'. The worm stopped short of my assumption, so I figured it was caught in the very tip of the submerged tree. I raised the tip of my rod & saw the line slowly jerk with one hard pull so I reeled up slack while lowering the tip of the rod & set the hook ZZING!! The rod stayed bent. At first I thought it was caught on what we call a Largemouth Branch, ( code word for tree) but I was wrong. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the
line took off to my left. I held the rod up skyward to keep pressure on whatever was at the end of my line. I started hooting & hollering about that Lobster Hero that I was going to wolf down once we got back to dry land. Vinny insisted it was still a large mouth branch, to which I disagreed.

I started to turn towards the fish & he immediately changed direction & headed back for the tree. He was powerful. The line started stripping again as he guided my line toward the hulking tree. Zzzzzzzzzzz zzz zzz The bass started playing jump in & out of the tree pictured behind me. He finally navigated in & out of several
branches & got stuck. I yelled thinking he was lost forever & I contemplated losing my rig and the fish. I kept a constant pressure on and the fish came out of one branch but I still had a few more to untangle. I smiled as I looked over at my buddy. This fish dove under a 900 lb tree & weaved in & out of the limbs like a true pro! He had done this to other fishermen before. "Click" I felt a branch give under the water with the gain of some line & kept constant pressure. The line went slack for a second. Then I reeled up quickly
to catch up with the fish & all of a sudden it breached the water like an ICBM & jumped over the tree in an awesome display of strength & agility. I noticed that the branch was still dangling weaved into my line & that made me nervous.

However I kept at it. Rod up, pressure on & trying to gain line. I could've sworn he had his tail shaped in the form of a middle finger when he jumped!! Maybe I just got up too early to go fishing this day. :) After calling him every name in the book, he started to pull less, he jumped shorter distances, this time when he jumped, he hit the tree. I thought he knocked 'em self out. My heart was thumping & felt like it was in my throat, my knees started knockin' when I first set the hook. I thought I was going to lose him with each jump. I finally gained line on it & conquered 'em. What a magnificent fish. I wish I had a scale to weigh him. After a short rant on how I'm going to have the best, most expensive hero known to man I asked Vin to take a
picture. I had to have one for my album since it was such a roller coaster of a fight. The bass is currently swimming free somewhere in my secret fishing hole & I hope we meet again real soon.

New York State Bassin' :)

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