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Friday, July 3, 2009

New World Record Largemouth Bass

Japanese angler Manabu Kurita has possibly broken the 77 year long record of George Perry's 22lb 04oz largemouth. News first broke to Optimum Baits CEO Matt Paino yesterday at 2:00am. He was called by what looks like the previous Japanese record holder Kazuya Shimada.

Kazuya Shimada set the Japanese record of 19-15lbs caught in April 2003 from Lake Ikehara. It fell prey to an Optimum swimbait.

Manabu Kurita is on the Pro-Staff for Deps which is one of the companies Paino represents in the USA. Paino also represents Ima, Zappu and Vagabond.

Manabu Kurita caught the giant 20lb+ monster using live bait around 12:00pm. The bass is 28.94" and weighs 22lbs 5ozs. The bass was caught at Lake Biwa.

Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan, covering roughly 259 square miles. Lake Biwa is more than 300 feet deep and known for its crystal clear waters.

According to IGFA regulations for record fish weighing less than 25 pounds (such as all of the black bass subspecies), the replacement (record applicant) must weigh at least two ounces more than the existing record. The Japanese fish that is subject of such interest and inquiry today outweighs Perry's fish by less than an ounce.

This means it will be considered a tie in the record books if and when it is certified by the IGFA.

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