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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pen Fishing Rod Extreme Adventures

What It means to be a Pen Rodder!

You know when I first found the Pen Rod Extreme..and my dear friend (and apparently long lost American brother) Mike, started to regularly abuse me by email I had an idea of what fishing was all about.
you see, my Father taught my brother and I (my real brother) how to fish as kids. We spent days tiddler snatching, crucian carp fishing (using custard powder paste of all things!!!), pike fishing, holidays on the Norfolk Broads, sea fishing etc etc

And I swear to the gods..my father could catch a fish on a piece of string and a length of bamboo! he didn't need method feeders, he didn't need hook lengths, baitfloats, boilies, rubber sweet corn, camouflage hooks, braid, controller floats, bite alarms, radio controlled boats or a *BEEEPING* tent on the side of the bank!
and he can still catch awesome fish today!

I sat and watched him on the bank of our favourite carp lake last year...he is in his late 60's now....and he had his PRE (pen rod extreme) and his shiny new centrepin...he had forgotten a chair, so he sat/knelt on the bank..and he played at fishing!

I sat there calmly feeding my swim, and teasing the fish out the their holes....
he sat there like Huckleberry Fin! giggling to himself and playing about with his new rod and reel!

I really cant explain it, he started with a float and fished just off bottom....and caught a couple; then he fiddled a bit and next thing I knew he had a small ledger set up and was casting across to the island in front....when I say a small ledger that's what I mean! he didn't have a bite indicator, a bite alarm, he wasn't float ledgering either! he just cast out and tightened the line enough to "feel" a bite through his fingers...and there he sat! over the next 2 hours he proceeded to catch several carp, he missed a few bites and ended up rolling around on the bank like some 10 year old after each exaggerated strike, giggling to himself!

I caught nothing!

If I grow to have half the skill and joy and passion my Father has then I will be happy....but its more than that! look at how he fished! I occasionally waste money on the shiny toilet paper that are the fishing magazines....and marvel at the new technology that they lure us in with. who is it for? the fish? or is it simply to catch us?

Fishing with a PRE isn't about modern technology! its not about the biggest reels, the coolest new fishing gadget or the latest way to deliver your oil soaked halibut flavoured day glo yellow sweet corn into your swim!

Its about becoming Huckleberry Fin!

Take your PRE and try the latest and greatest methods if you wish...I have personally tried it on a bite alarm, with a method feeder, with braid etc etc and it works perfectly..its actually fine enough to use as quiver tips if you so wish! but the greatest joy you will find with one is going back to the very basics you first learnt at your fathers knee! 99% of my carp have been caught with a waggler, on 6 lb mono line, fished just off bottom and using BREAD! no hook length, no flavouring,no tent, no alarm....me and my PRE and some bread!

look at it like this...no knot is stronger than a straight piece of line...so add a knot into your rig and you create a week spot!
fish may be lower on the brain scale than we are, but they aint stupid! if they can feel a hook and spit it out they can surely see a method feeder!!

in my eyes the simpler you can be..the more fun you will have with your PRE! forget what you know about fishing....the Pen ROD Extreme is the ZEN master of fishing! empty your cup and so that it might be filled anew!

Tight lines!!

By Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer Neil Jary of England. Visit Neil's youtube.com channel & watch him in action fighting BIG carp with the PRE.

Legend: PRE = Pen Rod Extreme

This is a touching story by Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer & personal friend Neil Jary from England. He shares and expresses the joy that his Dad, who is now in his mid 60's, experienced while using our products. It's a story about how Neil's Dad came alive again & how they now share quality time together and how the PRE has become a conduit to reinforce what it means for them to be "Family".

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where We Are Today!

First off let me start by wishing you all a Happy, Healthy & SAFE New Year!
Second, my goals are huge this year!

We started an ultra light Pen Fishing Rod business called http://penfishingrods.com online a while ago. I created my first video when I had the rods & reels manufactured. This was my first venture in the fishing business so I was just learning about being in front of the camera, fishing on film & all the nervous things that go with it.

We turned a whole 12 hrs of film into this short 4:39 second video, created a youtube.com channel http://youtube.com/FishingNYC & uploaded it. Not 5 days later I was getting requests from interested anglers & companies from all over the globe. I started a distribution business & pretty soon business picked up. So I decided to put as much time as I could into promoting, learning about & trying to better my business.

Here is our first video!

The rods we have are only 7¾" closed or 4' 9" which is 57" in length. Our new 2009 - '10 Pen Rod Extreme blanks will be 63" or 5' 3". We're trying to attract ice fishing, bass, crappie, pan fish, trout & even moderate carp fishermen on an international level. Our largest carp caught to date was an 8 lb beauty caught on our MX 15 A Rear Drag Reel by Penfishingreels.com Pro Staffer Neil Jary of England & is all caught on video & pictured below for you to view.

I then created one of my greatest works to date with my ultra light rods & reels. It's a 3 part bass fishing thrilogy. These videos are a compilation of line stretching, bass jumping, rod bending excitement! Here they are:

BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 1

BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 2

BASS gone WILD by Penfishingrods.com™ 3

I recently created several partners on youtube.com that I collaborate with. I started to implement a program that would allow customers to be sponsored through several means if they created a youtube.com channel & uploaded videos of themselves using our products! Pretty soon the videos started to pile up, first there was 5, then 10, then 15, then 20 & finally in our first year of business we ended 2008 with a whopping 28 videos on youtube.com, several contracts with online outdoor/fishing companies & friends from all over the globe!

It has been an exciting year so far, we have pictures from several parts of the world, different continents, countries & others as well. I am learning to navigate online forums, blog & interact with likeminded individuals.

Here's our online flickr.com photo album of all fish submitted to date using our products. Enjoy them!

Happy Customers =)

Let's face it, nobody is going to come banging on mine or any of my customers' doors & hand either of us a check for $1,000,000 US or placing the keys to a brand new bass boat attached to a pickup truck & saying "Hey, we want you to represent our product". What I'm offering our customers is a chance to live out their dreams of being the center of attention just like the pros are. I'm offering them a chance to be a part of the new ultra light movement, to create their own fan base via our products, to share their talents, to have a chance to interact with other anglers through out the globe by various means similar but not limited to comments, video responses, emails, networking & quite possibly the chance at making international friends who share the same interests.

We have several anglers which I affectionately call "Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffers". These anglers who are sponsored by me personally have earned their right to be called such because of their skills, determination & perseverance in situations where lots of anglers would be stumped. Anyone can pull a fish out of the water with 15 - 20 lb test & a stiff heavy action 7' - 8' fishing rod. However, It takes skill, determination and experience to finesse, outsmart & outlast a nice fish with 4 - 5 or 6 lb test on ultra light Pen Rods! It's a skill that not all anglers possess!

Those benefits bestowed upon my Pro Staffers will continue all through their lives due to their dedication and loyalty shown very early to our cause. Our videos range from Kayak Fishing to large carp & trout to different species only found in NW Australia. This is my Pro Staffer Luke w/ his first video. It's one of my favorite videos because it was so simple & all he had was a camera phone to capture a moment in time while fishing with his family. It's a little blurry, but I still love it!

Affectionately titled "Don't Worry Be Happy"

We have a few Canadian anglers currently working on creating our first line of ice fishing videos.

Micheal Graham is an experienced & respected ice fisherman in Alberta who has shown us his skills with ultra light combos & enough nice fish that he pulled through a hole in the ice to make him head of our Ice Fishing Pro Staff. There are many great things to come in the near future, but just like the old cliche "Rome was not built in a day".

There are several back mountain trails, parks, streams, creeks & rivers that are much easier accessed using our products instead of carrying a 6 - 7' rod & reel. We have conveniently placed the weights on our front page for backpackers, hikers & ultra light connoisseurs which are as follows.

Pen Rod Extreme 65.8 grams
MX 15A 145.2 grams
MX 15G 131.5 grams
Front Drag 137.6 grams
Large Bait caster 85.4 grams
Small Bait caster 63.0 grams
Mini Fly reel 57.2 grams
Extreme Bait caster 98.5 grams

Essentially what I'm trying to do is bring the world of ultra light fishing into the forefront of the fishing community so that younger anglers will gain interest, learn & start early in their quest to become future, experienced responsible anglers. Our customers have a once in a lifetime chance to live out their dreams of being a "pro fisherman" & becoming a smaller version and different magnitude of Al Linder or Kevin VanDam or any other well known anglers.

To further promote the sport we offer all our customers a $100.00 bonus for catching a fish larger than 8 lbs (our current record) on film using our Pen Rod Extreme series rods & reels. Furthermore as an added bonus of becoming part of the penfishingrods.com family there is a $5,000.00 reward for a world record of any species of game fish caught on our rods & reels as well, providing they follow the necessary steps to secure such a title and the IGFA validates & verifies their claim. However, we may never see that in our lifetime but it's nice to have goals, hopes & dreams to chase even if it's doing something you love like a leisurely sport such as fishing in their spare time.

We offer all of our video makers the chance to do something they love to do & encourage them to catch it all on film so other anglers can follow their legacies & see what it's like to hook, play & catch larger fish on ultra light rods & reels. Ultra light fishing is not a skill that all anglers possess. You quickly learn if you have the patience, skill & determination to be an ultra light fishermen early on in the endeavor or you learn you do not.

I am also hoping to launch the world's first mobile freshwater fishing network http://FreshWaterFishing.mobi , http://BrownTrout.mobi http://RainBowTrout.mobi , http://SteelHeadFishing.mobi for mobile devices, PDAs, wireless devices! My dreams are as a high as a mountain & need an army of shoulders to carry them.

I want to spread the word to the world about the Ultra Light Fishing New World Order! I want to share my videos & knowledge with beginner anglers as well as experienced, avid anglers alike. My largest fish on ultra light tackle was a 28 lb King Salmon in Oswego, NY on 6 lb line. My other ultra light achievements include but are not limited to an 18 lb Steelhead trout aka. Rainbow & several nice sized bass & 1 HUGE 7.9 Brown Trout! My goals for 2009 are as high as a mountain! So your question was what is my goal for 2009? I don't think blogger.com has enough memory for me to share my determination or stories! >=]

Ultra light Pen Fishing Rods offer the chance for anglers to display their skills of finesse fishing using scaled down versions of their favorite rods & reels. This skills teaches perseverance, patience & the appreciation for our fine finned friends. We promote catch & release of all species of fish & at all times of the year to assure a strong future & plentiful stock of quality fish in the future. We're excited that blogger.com has a forum that will allow us to keep you updated on our progress. We look forward to being a part of this online community. Our company offers a limited manufacturer's warranty on all of our products. I answer all inquiries about our products & interact with each customer personally. We're open 24 hrs a day - 365 days a year. We will ship our products anywhere in the world!

Follow my blogs for new exciting interactive stories that contain pictures and short youtube.com video clips of my adventures!


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