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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pen Fishing Rod Extreme Adventures

What It means to be a Pen Rodder!

You know when I first found the Pen Rod Extreme..and my dear friend (and apparently long lost American brother) Mike, started to regularly abuse me by email I had an idea of what fishing was all about.
you see, my Father taught my brother and I (my real brother) how to fish as kids. We spent days tiddler snatching, crucian carp fishing (using custard powder paste of all things!!!), pike fishing, holidays on the Norfolk Broads, sea fishing etc etc

And I swear to the gods..my father could catch a fish on a piece of string and a length of bamboo! he didn't need method feeders, he didn't need hook lengths, baitfloats, boilies, rubber sweet corn, camouflage hooks, braid, controller floats, bite alarms, radio controlled boats or a *BEEEPING* tent on the side of the bank!
and he can still catch awesome fish today!

I sat and watched him on the bank of our favourite carp lake last year...he is in his late 60's now....and he had his PRE (pen rod extreme) and his shiny new centrepin...he had forgotten a chair, so he sat/knelt on the bank..and he played at fishing!

I sat there calmly feeding my swim, and teasing the fish out the their holes....
he sat there like Huckleberry Fin! giggling to himself and playing about with his new rod and reel!

I really cant explain it, he started with a float and fished just off bottom....and caught a couple; then he fiddled a bit and next thing I knew he had a small ledger set up and was casting across to the island in front....when I say a small ledger that's what I mean! he didn't have a bite indicator, a bite alarm, he wasn't float ledgering either! he just cast out and tightened the line enough to "feel" a bite through his fingers...and there he sat! over the next 2 hours he proceeded to catch several carp, he missed a few bites and ended up rolling around on the bank like some 10 year old after each exaggerated strike, giggling to himself!

I caught nothing!

If I grow to have half the skill and joy and passion my Father has then I will be happy....but its more than that! look at how he fished! I occasionally waste money on the shiny toilet paper that are the fishing magazines....and marvel at the new technology that they lure us in with. who is it for? the fish? or is it simply to catch us?

Fishing with a PRE isn't about modern technology! its not about the biggest reels, the coolest new fishing gadget or the latest way to deliver your oil soaked halibut flavoured day glo yellow sweet corn into your swim!

Its about becoming Huckleberry Fin!

Take your PRE and try the latest and greatest methods if you wish...I have personally tried it on a bite alarm, with a method feeder, with braid etc etc and it works perfectly..its actually fine enough to use as quiver tips if you so wish! but the greatest joy you will find with one is going back to the very basics you first learnt at your fathers knee! 99% of my carp have been caught with a waggler, on 6 lb mono line, fished just off bottom and using BREAD! no hook length, no flavouring,no tent, no alarm....me and my PRE and some bread!

look at it like this...no knot is stronger than a straight piece of line...so add a knot into your rig and you create a week spot!
fish may be lower on the brain scale than we are, but they aint stupid! if they can feel a hook and spit it out they can surely see a method feeder!!

in my eyes the simpler you can be..the more fun you will have with your PRE! forget what you know about fishing....the Pen ROD Extreme is the ZEN master of fishing! empty your cup and so that it might be filled anew!

Tight lines!!

By Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer Neil Jary of England. Visit Neil's youtube.com channel & watch him in action fighting BIG carp with the PRE.

Legend: PRE = Pen Rod Extreme

This is a touching story by Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer & personal friend Neil Jary from England. He shares and expresses the joy that his Dad, who is now in his mid 60's, experienced while using our products. It's a story about how Neil's Dad came alive again & how they now share quality time together and how the PRE has become a conduit to reinforce what it means for them to be "Family".

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