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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Repair Your Anti Reverse On Your MX15 Fishing Reel

Penfishingreels.com RMX15 disassembly to repair or adjust the anti-reverse.

  1. Remove the handle.
  2. Remove the rubber boot on the rear drag.

3.  Remove the retainer clip
4. Remove rear drag adjustment knob by pulling off.
5. Remove the phillips head screw holding the trim on.

6. Remove the phillips head screw closest to the reel mount.
7.  Slide the trim out of the slot, and set it aside.
8. Remove the 2 remaining phillips head screws and remove side of reel.

9. Remove drive gear
10. Remove the phillips head screw in the bottom left of the picture above.
11. Remove the reel shaft retainer clip by rotating it toward the reel mount and pulling up GENTLY!!!

12. Loosen the brass reel shaft retaining nut.  Note: This nut is left handed thread so it loosens by turning clockwise, and tightens by turning counter clockwise.

13. Pull up gently on the reel shaft to remove it from the reel body.
14. Remove the plastic base.
15.  Inspect the small wire loop that connects to the cam follower.
16. Make sure the screw at the top right is not overtightened.  The cam follower should move freely.
17. Make sure there is no dirt or debris that could interfere with the operation of the cam follower.

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