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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NEW Ultra Light 23lb World Record Fish Caught by penfishingrods.com™

May 12, 2015

penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer Paulpro PP

A little over one year ago on Feb 17, 2014 Paulpro PP better known as the ‘Carp Whisperer’ fought & landed a 23lb NEW Ultra Light World Record On the NEW FD 100 AA (all aluminum) front drag Goliath™ spinning combo made by penfishingrods.com

His tackle also included custom made line by the very famous http://cortlandline.com which included 7.5 ft – 3.5 lb – 5 X FairPlay Tippet Tapered Leader. You can watch that edge of your seat battle by clicking here

Pro Staffer Paulpro PP can be seen finessing multiple species in several videos below using many of the ultra light combos available at penfishingrods.com

Carp on The Extreme Pen Rod by penfishingrods.com


Mini Bass Gone Wild by penfishingrods.com

Spotted Tilapia Skishing by penfishingrods.com

Myan Cichlid Skishing by penfishingrods.com

The Devil’S Lake with penfishingrods.com

Skishing by penfishingrods.com

Pen Fly Reel Oscar Fishing by penfishingrods.com

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