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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Ultra Light World Record Fish for Penfishingrods.com

A BIG Congratulations To Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer John Chlarson for his professional ultra light angling skills.
You can see more of his outstanding work on his youtube.com channel

New Ultra Light Tackle Pen Fishing Rod World Record
The new official certified world record fish for a Pen Fishing Rod was caught on the Pen Fishing Rod Goliath MX-15 AA Rear Drag spinning Combo made by http://penfishingrods.com . What exactly is a Pen Fishing Rod you ask? It's a cleverly fabricated & designed miniature fishing rod disguised as a pen. Yes, you read correctly. You are probably finding it hard to wrap your head around this concept right now but after watching a few videos made featuring this company's products you will see the light. It's only a compact 7 ¾" closed or 4' 9" which is 57" in length when fully opened & comes with your choice of 9 different reels ranging from the world's smallest fly fishing reel to an equally fabulously designed variety of spinning reels both front & rear drag. Then we have the Pen Fishing Rod Goliath series rods which are 8" closed & 63" or 5' 3" fully opened and also come with your choice of 9 different reels.

There's not much in fishing that can compare to catching a large fish on super ultra light tackle, but when that fish happens to be as renowned for their fighting abilities and reel smoking runs as the mighty carp, well it's time to hang on to your reel handles & get some water to cool off the reel gears my friends because the fight is on!!

This species of fish & these extreme light weight miniature backpacking, hiking & camping telescopic fishing rods known as Pen Fishing Rods have turned many heads in the tight knit International fishing tackle community. In this soon to be nationally recognized record making video we take a trip down to the infamous Snake River in Southwest Idaho to target huge carp "finesse style". Using a light action telescoping rod and incredibly light tackle, we set out on a quest to break the all-species world record for a Pen Fishing Rod.

Within minutes of setting up, we had our first taker. Our first impression was that this was going to be a decent carp, probably maxing out at about 10 pounds. Well, as soon as she neared the boat and stirred the water into a frenzy, it became immediately apparent that we had a potential record fish on! With 4lb test Trilene XL line, Cortland 6X tippet, the lightest tackle in the world, and no net in the boat, the adrenaline surge began! After a battle that lasted almost 20 minutes we finally got her boat side and, well, the video tells the tale. A big thank you to Eagle Claw, Cortland & Berkley tackle suppliers for making this Ultra Light dream come to fruition. Enjoy the video & the edge of your seat battle all caught on tape for your video viewing pleasure.

Angler: Penfishingrods.com Pro Staffer John Chlarson
Date: 9 - 28 - 2011
Place: Snake River S.W. Idaho

Rod - Pen Rod Goliath (5' 3")
Reel - MX15 AA (Rear drag - All aluminum)
Main Line - Berkley Trilene XL (4lb)
Leader - Cortland Fairplay 6X tippet material (2.7lb)
Hook - Eagle Claw Baitholder - Size 6
Weights & Swivel - Eagle Claw

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