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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Me and Anthony

Anthony me and Joann

Anthony's Graduation Picture

Anthony in Camp Kiwago with Sunshine the Racoon

Me and Anthony as kids


This is my brother Anthony Di Pippo. He was born October 14th 1966. He was killed by a drunk driver on June 29th 1984.

Many of my friends knew him. For those of you who didn't, he was a sweet young kid. He loved to make people laugh. He enjoyed life, sports & hanging out w/ his friends. He loved to eat. Ask him for a bite of his sandwich & it was like asking for him to cut off a limb. He cherished his food. If you fed him, he was like a puppy, you had a friend for life! He was much more than that to me. He was my legacy, he was my brother.

Just because someone dies, it doesn't mean they are lost forever. It doesn't have to be an unpleasant memory when their name is brought up or thought of. When a person passes you should smile and cherish their memory. You can honor & celebrate their life in many different ways. By doing something spectacular, meaningful and positive to benefit your own life. By creating something extraordinary as a tribute to them. By doing something that will stand the test of time. You can honor them by going back to school & getting a degree, or creating a work of art, planting a garden, a fruit or flower bearing tree. Don't be sad & negative. They wouldn't want that for you. They would want you to soldier on. They would want you to smile when you think of them. To be more positive, to always try harder & never give up chasing your hopes, goals & dreams! They would want you to introduce them to your friends. You can do this by telling a funny story about them or something they did, something you did together, or just telling a little about them to someone who wouldn't normally have the opportunity of meeting them any other way.

Don't be sad when someone passes. Be happy, be joyful. Life is short. Don't hide their memory, don't be afraid to mention them in public, don't whisper. Climb to the HIGHEST mountain & scream their name! DARE to be different. DARE time to silence their memory. Be bold, Be proud that you knew them, that you loved them & that they loved you! WE must be their voice or they truly will remain dead, forever!

♥:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•* -:¦:-•:*♥¤.-•:*'""*:•.-:¦:-•*♥-:¦:-.·´¨`»

Once a year, my love I ascend.
If not as a brother, then just as a friend.
Your life was short and full of laughter,
You enjoyed playing sports and the parties after.
I can remember the times we'd mimic and fight,
When half the things you said turned out to be right.
The last time I saw you, we strongly disagreed,
It became physical and I had to leave.
I never got to express the way that I felt,
How I blew our last day together and caused it to melt.
If I could do this day over just one more time,
I'd tell you I love you, and read you this rhyme.
I changed everything about me a long time ago,
I wish you were here to see, but I'm sure you know.
I take huge risks wondering if one day they'll fail,
I always end up making it by the seat of my tail.
Have I become that good or is it you who watches over me?
I did it all in your memory, you are what guides and motivates me.
I will soldier on with you in my heart,
I gave up my old life and made a fresh start.
Please forgive me, for I've run out of tears.
I've forgotten what it's like to even have fears.
When I'm alone in the woods I often think of you,
I wonder if you were around, the cool things that we'd do.
I celebrate your life every chance that I get,
Even though sometimes it's dangerous, I have no regrets.
Once in a while, let me know you're around,
If not a bird in the air, then a bug on the ground.
Though you left us early and you were just lent,
I truly know now, that you were heaven sent!
It won't be long now!

If you have a funny story about my brother or a loved one who is no longer with us, don't be afraid to share it. We're all friends. When you tell your story, you share it with others. Life is short. One day they will be writing stories about you & I.

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