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Thursday, April 29, 2010

New 5' 3" Pen Fishing Rod Goliath

A look at the new 5' 3" Pen Fishing Rod Goliath by http://penfishingrods.com handling some pretty nice carp. This rod & reel combo is the must have for backpacking, hiking & ultra light fishing excursions.

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Bill Trussell said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I had Ultra Light fishing listed as one of my alerts through my Goggle Gmail. Your site pops up and that is how I found you. I too am an avid Ultra Light fisherman. I have been fishing ultra light before it even became popular, back 35 years ago. I can remember fishing this particular lake in Mississippi that had a tremendous amount of fishing pressure and no one could catch many fish---but me and my buddy, why because we started fishing with tiny little lures and small reels and light rods, with 2 to 4 lb. test line. The end result was larger numbers of fish when no one else was catching next to nothing. I also learned then that it was much more of a challenge to land a fish that was superior to your tackle as opposed to jerking the fish over the boat with tackle that outmatched the fish. For the past 15 years I have got into what I call micro light fishing which is even more than Ultra Light fishing. It is using 7 1/2 ft. rods with a matching reel and 2 to 4 lb.test line again using the tiny lures and extremely sanative rods. I did a post on this type of fishing back some months ago on my blog. You can check out my blog at http://btrussell-fishingthroughlife.blogspot.com/search/label/Micro%20Light%20Fishing I would love to have you as one of my followers since your fishing parallels mine. Your blog is the only blog I have found so far that deals with Ultra Light fishing---and I have had this alert up for months. It just goes to show that the fishing public is still not aware of how you can increase the catch ratio using light tackle. I am going to add your blog to my follows list. Off the subject some here but Richard Shelby needs to be voted out of office in Alabama. This guy is against anything that comes up in congress. My wife and I will not vote for any incumbent this year. Don’t get me on what is wrong with this country, and it starts with politicians like Shelby. Hope to hear from. Have a great weekend. Bill

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